This website uses historical football statistics to work out correlations and relationships that can be used to predict the probability of different outcomes in soccer matches and convert the probability into decimal odds. Click on the links below to explore the available calculators:

Football Results % Probability Calculator
Football Results Odds Calculator
Match Result Calculator
Away Goals Calculator
Odds Converter

The largest calculator is the Football Results Calculator, the logic of which is described below.

The Football Results Calculator is based on a simple principle. This is that the number of goals a team will score is linked to that team’s average goals scored and their opponents average goals conceded so far in the season. Similarly, the number of goals conceded by a team is linked to their average goals conceded and their opponent’s average goals scored.

Here at Football Results Calculator several seasons worth of data have been collated and analysed to work out this relationship and provide the output as a percentage probability or decimal odds. The goals scored and conceded are combined into a single ‘Predictor’ value that correlates with the percentage probability of a certain number of goals being scored. The screen shot below is an example of how this relationship works.


The nature of averages means that the calculator is more accurate the more games the teams have played. This means that below about five games, the predictions are less accurate, but above five games the accuracy is at its highest. Predictions are not made for scenarios where more than 5 home goals or 4 away goals are scored, because these results are too rare for accurate equations to be calculated. The percentage probability can be converted into a bookies probability.